Smoke Free Casino Legislation

Casinos have been given a less than trusted reputation just because they allow smokers to be on the  premises. In the past the lack of strict regulations regarding smoking has made it where more than a few good gamblers have been avoiding land based casinos, and have turned to playing online.

Of course you always have those players who will complain and they complain loud where not Atlantic City has  instituted a Smoke Free Casino Legislation which happened in 2007. According to the laws, all recreation activities and gambling establishments must be held in smoke free environments, and enclosed rooms or lounges should be built for smoking purposes. However, six months have passed since Atlantic City casinos have submitted smoking lounge construction plans for review by the State Agency, and none of them have been approved as yet.

This delay in the approval process has caused a bit of controversy in the city, with many accusing casinos of taking advantage of the absence of a deadline in the review process in order to continue allowing smoking on their premises. The casinos for their part feel that they have sufficiently complied with all the requirements, and that it is now up to the State Agency to take the next step to eventual smoking restriction in all Atlantic City casinos.